At Dickson, Stojak, Huang Chartered Professional Accountants, we want you to find the success you work so hard to achieve. That’s why we take special care in looking after each of our clients, helping them see the big picture and keep up with all the details. Offering a complete set of financial services to help you reach your dreams, we’re here for you all the way.

Audit & Accounting

Financial reporting is at the core of a solid organization, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. Having access to relevant, accurate and up-to-date financial data means you’re ready for any opportunity and on top of what’s really happening inside your organization. It’s also critical for compliance with Canadian and international laws governing such entities.

The rules vary by industry but the importance of your audit remains constant. Dickson, Stojak, Huang brings the highest standards of knowledge, objectivity and professional integrity to your audit and accounting. Our dedicated professionals focus on meeting stakeholders’ needs and carefully scrutinizing areas of risk as well as the entire body of information, while providing sensible, cost-effective reporting for our clients.

Clients in every industry trust Dickson, Stojak, Huang for the audit and assurance services that keep their organizations strong, confident that we avoid redundancy in the process and take special care to keep their operations flowing smoothly throughout the engagement. From routine audits to the most complex accounting challenges, Dickson, Stojak, Huang has the experience and knowledge you need to keep your organization on solid ground.

Assurance and accounting services include:

  • Audit of financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Special reports
  • Compilation

Contact us today and let Dickson, Stojak, Huang give you the confidence that comes from knowing you have a clear and complete view of your organization’s financials.