At Dickson, Stojak, Huang Chartered Professional Accountants, we want you to find the success you work so hard to achieve. That’s why we take special care in looking after each of our clients, helping them see the big picture and keep up with all the details. Offering a complete set of financial services to help you reach your dreams, we’re here for you all the way.

Asian Immigrant Advisory

Coming to a new country is a huge adventure. You’re eager to invest in a business and start creating your financial success story in Canada. The potential is there, and you’re ready to make it work. The one thing you may not be prepared for is the cultural divide.

In an unfamiliar land, the things you took for granted about how business is conducted, investments work and taxes are paid, among other things, no longer hold true. What are the rules and regulations? What are the unseen barriers and hidden rules for establishing business relationships?

Dickson, Stojak, Huang Chartered Professional Accountants can help you build the bridge to success. We specialize in advising Asian business owners in a way you can understand and relate to, and help you connect to the local business world. Dickson, Stojak, Huang supports our Asian clients through:

  • A deep understanding of Asian culture and the traditional way of thinking in addition to knowledge of Asian business culture and the way these companies operate
  • Multilingual financial professionals
  • Expertise in Canadian tax laws, financial reporting requirements, industry rules and regulations
  • A perspective that views clients as extensions of our own family; they can count on us to be there for generations, clearly explaining tax and business matters and the risks and opportunities inherent in each decision.

With over 40 years of local experience and an extensive network of contacts and partners in multiple industries and services, the firm provides complete investment advice for Asian immigrants and other foreign investors who want to acquire or start a Canadian business:

Business acquisition advisory

  • Finding the right investment opportunities based on investors personal interest, family situation and other investment criteria
  • Guiding you through the entire acquisition process (business valuation, drafting the purchase agreement, due diligence, negotiation, etc.)
  • Advising you on managing and growing the business after acquisition

Support for international corporations

  • Creating an international corporate structure for maximum tax benefit
  • Overcoming unique issues such as transferring prices, international taxes, documentation for international transactions and transactions within the group to ensure compliance

Financial & tax planning for high net worth families

Dickson, Stojak, Huang provides these families with the truly independent financial advisory they need, free of any bias. Utilizing a team-based approach that incorporates the expertise and experience of our entire firm, we build lasting relationships with our clients to ensure timely and accurate advice based on knowledge of the family’s specific situation.

  • Strategic planning to protect the family wealth over generations
  • Tax planning to minimize tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with CRA requirements
  • Independent financial planning based only on what best suits the family

Whether you need basic assistance in locating acquiring a business, foreign property reporting, setting up trusts for your family, financial planning, tax planning or help with taxes for your new investment, the Dickson, Stojak, Huang advisory team can help you navigate the path to success.

Our clients don’t have to worry; they know we are here for them. Please contact us today and tell us how we can help you, your business and your family.