Success in business isn’t a result of luck. It comes from hard work and a deep understanding of your industry. You already work hard. Dickson, Stojak, Huang offers you the industry-specific expertise and up-to-the-minute knowledge you need to make your business thrive. Let us help you greet every challenge and opportunity armed with the best information, and watch how fast you can achieve your business goals.


Agricultural operations aren’t like other businesses. They have their own rhythms and cycles, their own market fluctuations and an entire world of industry-specific rules and regulations. If you’re in the agriculture industry, you can’t rely on generic business advice. You need a specialist who follows the ins and outs of the market and can keep you up to date with the latest changes to legislation that affect your business, from taxation issues to governmental support programs.

Dickson, Stojak, Huang has years of experience helping clients in the Canadian agriculture industry, and we know the challenges you face. We follow the endless details of the shifting landscape and learn what they mean for your operation so that you don’t have to – you’ve got other work to do!

From the smallest family or privately held farm to the largest Canadian subsidiary of a foreign-owned entity, we know how to help agriculture professionals run and grow their operations successfully. We provide the tax planning, compliance and full advisory services you need not just to make your business work, but to help you reach your goals. Whether that means selling your enterprise for maximum value down the line or creating something that can remain in the family for generations to come, Dickson, Stojak, Huang can help you grow. Please contact us today to learn how.