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Not-For-Profit Organizations

Not for profit organizations exist in a world unto themselves. With constantly increasing regulatory and reporting requirements and demanding disclosure rules, it’s tough to keep up, much less get ahead. And yet, your mission needs to remain first and foremost in all your operations.

The solution is clear: you need business advisors with a thorough understanding of the non-profit environment. Advisors who know how these organizations are governed and grasp the special reporting standards with which they must comply.

With such a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner by your side, you can stay fully focused on achieving your mission and be confident that you’re doing everything necessary to stay financially strong and in compliance with all the rules and regulations that affect your organization.

Dickson, Stojak, Huang respects your mission and possesses the deep knowledge necessary to guide you through the maze of fiscal challenges and compliance hurdles, with services that include:

  • Traditional accounting and audit services
  • Organizational structuring
  • Governance consulting
  • Cash flow planning and monitoring

We know you’re dedicated to reaching your goals; we’re dedicated to helping you reach them. Our reputation speaks for itself, but we’d like a chance to listen: How can we help you?